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Isnin, 25 Januari 2010


When a person gives themselves to someone, they are putting their trust in that person not to hurt them.

Emotional Connection
To connect emotionally, a couple must know how to communicate effectively, expressing everything from their goals and dreams to their fears and regrets.

Deep Understanding
We are never afraid to tell those who we are intimate with, how we really feel. This is because we know they will understand where we are coming from, taking a position of understanding, rather than defense.

The need to be closed
- The need for a couple to be together all the time can be characterized by an unhealthy distrust in the relationship. In this case, however, it's not that they are afraid to be apart out of fear of losing each other, but out of the desire to share as much of their life together as possible.

Relaxed Informality
Intimacy is not only reserved for lovers, but also our closest friends and family. These are the people we feel relaxed around, and with whom we can be ourselves. If you are hiding your true self out of fear of not being loved for who you are, you have already sabotaged your chance of intimacy.

Intimacy is about allowing our partner a front row seat to the story of our lives. It is an unspoken promise that you will remain open to your partner, sharing your most intimate, closely guarded secrets, and in return, they will hold these secrets as dear as their own.

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