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Khamis, 27 Ogos 2009


urm,you know who you are...
Always trying your best to make me happy and brighten my day...
I wanna thank you for the talks and telling me that it will always be okay...
you support me and help me in every way
you understand my past and wanna give me a better future..
When i wanna give up your right there..
You never let me no matter what, you have me try harder
You believe in me even when i cant believe in myself
you say the funniest things to make me happy and to have me smile..
Your not going to ever give up on me and i believe that..
This is to my best friend that i could ever ask for....which if i did
i wouldnt get but he came to me....a simple conversation about
who could beat out who started it all...

you maybe not my 1st,but you're my last =)

The most special people in life,
Are those that can look into your eyes,
And know almost instantly that something has gone wrong,
The most special people in life,
Dont let distance get in the way of keeping close,
They are those that can give comfort and show understanding,
Without having to say one word.
~The most special people in life,~
~Are the ones that accept the worse part of you,~
~And love you for ALL that you are...~
~smile always..and take care always~

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